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       "Before I came to Agape I lived in a small town without many services to help people like me.  I suffered from depression, felt very alone, and  was discriminated against.  God led me to Agape because God knew that I needed a sense of community support and friendships.     

        Agape has given me an opportunity to use my abilities to give back to my community.  I now have a sense of self-worth that I never had before.  Agape has encouraged me to have a continual and meaningful relationship with God.  This gives me great joy.  No words can express how grateful I am to Agape and to all those who support our church."

      "Since I started coming to Agape my faith has grown so much.  I have learned to value my friends and to think  more of others.  People here encourage me to share my thoughts and opinions.  They ask me for my ideas!  I have a strong sense that my volunteer work here is really valued.  I am learning to listen to other people."

      "Agape has changed my life in so many ways.  In my 'before-Agape' life I dealt with addictions and spent years getting psychiatric services.  But I have become a responsible person who is so grateful for all the people who welcomed me at Agape Fellowship.  I now know that I cannot grow in my spiritual life without the give and take of fellowship with others.  Agape has given me a sense of belonging that has been void most of my life.

       My faith and spirituality have helped me to become a positive influence to those around me.  I have always believed in God, but today I have a personal relationship with Him.  This relationship is responsible for my being active in my church, my intimate relationships and people with whom I have contact. Opportunities to take leadership at Agape have taught me how to forgive and to accept others. I now have many passions in my life and my life is filled with love."

        "Agape Fellowship is filled with people who care enough to get me out of my apartment when I am depressed.  People from Agape phone me and cheer me up. I like getting the fruit and vegetables.  It is just the right amount for me.  My health has declined, but Agape people continue to care about me and help me get to places.  They know that caring and sharing is God's way to live."

        "When I first came to Agape I was accepted as I was.  It was a transition time in my life.  Being a member of this community was truly a new beginning for me.  This new beginning was not limited to being part of a new church, but rather this small group of people would and have played a major part in renewing me. 

        One of the first things I did was to volunteer my time helping people who have less, assisting with reading and teaching English.  I had opportunity to give.   Because I took the first step with Agape, God had a wonderful plan prepared for my life.  God sent the right people across my path. In particular, I met my wife and we got married at Agape. 

        Saying yes to this church opened the doors to other areas that I could give, specifically music.  Today I live a very fulfilled life, have a wonderful marriage, and an active music agenda.  I am witness to how Agape has grown in numbers, just as I have grown in blessings.  Agape has truly shown me how to give and how to receive."

         "Before I came to Agape my life was okay, but since I am here I have made new friends.  I now have a sense of belonging.  Agape is a community.  I have gained a family.  I have people who help me when I need help.  We get along most of the time.  When we have our disagreements, we work on them. And sometimes we even solve them!!"

       "Agape has made my life a lot happier and brighter.  Before I came to Agape I did not do much.  My life was boring with very little to do from day to day.  Agape has given me the ambition to do more and better things with my life.  I have gained so many friends and lots of understanding about life here at Agape."


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